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UK Alexander von Humboldt Association

Executive Committee Members

UK President

Dr James Wilton-Ely Imperial College London j.wilton-ely[at]

Honorary Secretary

Prof. Monica Greco Goldsmiths College    m.greco[at]


Prof. em. John Baines University of Oxford john.baines[at]

Committee Members

Prof. Geoff Thornton University College London g.thornton[at]
Prof. Roy Ruddle University of Leeds R.A.Ruddle[at]
Dr M. A. Katritzky The Open University m.a.katritzky[at]
Dr Ian MacLaren University of Glasgow Ian.MacLaren[at]
Prof. Rainer Cramer University of Reading r.k.cramer[at]
Prof. Mark Warner University of Cambridge mw141[at]
Prof. Jeff King University College London jeff.king[at]
Prof. Aditi Lahiri University of Oxford aditi.lahiri[at]
Dr Joan Leopold joanleopold[at]